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  • Prices for competitors were obtained on Jan, 05, 2015 and believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate. Some firms listed may reduce commissions due to account activity or value.
    * Average 50+ trades / month and default to $3 stock trades. $4 Prepaid commission packages available.

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  • BARRON's

    Trade Experience: "Well Designed User Friendly Platform"

    Feel right at home with our SogoTrader
    stock trading cockpit.

    We put everything right where you need it, when you need it. From platform design to technology and infrastructure, we’ve made it a priority to execute trades fast.

    • One-click trading right from your Watch List or Positions
    • Customizable trade ticket and page navigation
    • Real-time streaming quotes and news releases
    • Interactive stock and account value charts
    • Advanced order types & extended hours trading

    • The New SogoPlay Trading Tool

    • Fully integrated with the SogoOptions platform.
    • Generate daily equity & option trading ideas.
    • Take the complexity out of option trading.
    • Complement equity ideas with option plays.

    • Customizable & Powerful
      Option Platform

    • Low per contract commission charge.
    • Pay only one base rate for multi-legged orders.
    • Streaming quotes, powerful analysis & risk management tools.
    • Clear display of the risk and reward of a trade.

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    SogoOptions Platform
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One of the lowest rates in the industry, plus best
in class trading platforms that are user friendly, combine to provide our customers with superior value.


SogoTrade’s roots stem from the award-winning Laser platform built for professional traders. Our solid infrastructure, coupled with lightning fast order routing technology, results in quality executions.
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Customizable real-time streaming watch lists are available to track your positions and the stocks on your radar. Breaking news and order status with filter capability keep you one step ahead.


Our well-trained and courteous staff is prepared to provide prompt assistance via Live Chat, phone or email. Help tools have been integrated into our platforms for your convenience.
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